Horsegirl / I am screaming
Computeranimation & Videocollage
09;01 Minuten
16:9, Full HD 1080p
Jona Lingitz, Neptunia Monna Anarchus

The plot of the movie is based on confusion. A strange, girlish figure with a long deformed face is forced by a relentlessly absurd plot forced by a relentlessly absurd plot, similar to Lewis Carroll’s „Alice“, to plunge down the rabbit hole.

The protagonist dwells in a barren, brutalist world full of obtuse dialog, which only serve to put the obvious into words. The movie breaks apart in the middle and undergoes a complete metamorphosis. The already already blurred storylines dissolve into thin air and give themselves over to the infinite noise.

The movie asks a question, but before it can hear the answer, it covers its ears.‚Äč